Safe Security Anti Theft Wallet

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Secure payment

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30 day money back guarantee

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The security you need in any situation!

Carrying a credit card in your pocket can cause a big headache. Scammers can take advantage of the proximity mechanism to scam and pass values without you noticing. With the SafeSecurity Wallet, the barrier of the credit card compartment prevents this from happening, protecting you from any fraud.

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Don't count on luck, protect your money!

With SafeSecurity, you protect your assets in a simple and secure way. With the compartment for up to 6 cards, you can go anywhere without worrying!

The SafeSecurity is different...

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Made of leather

The material of the wallet is made of quality leather and does not damage over time.

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Theft protection

SafeSecurity has theft protection for up to 6 cards. The proximity mechanism does not work with cards in the wallet.

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Button to release cards

You safely release the cards by pressing the button. The cards are held securely and without risk of falling when not in use.

Satisfied customers all over the world

I tested the anti-theft compartment and it really works, I never felt afraid to carry the wallet in my pocket or backpack. Very good.

Kristen T.


I found the inner compartments a little small to put the money, but it is worth it for the anti-theft compartment. It works for real.

Jolie S.


They already passed 100 reais on my card by proximity, I had to take this option off my card. I tested the wallet and was very happy, because the proximity is very practical and now I'm safe. I loved it.

Ruby R.


Frequent Questions

Six cards fit in the anti-theft compartment.

Yes, the wallet has a button that releases the cards. When not released, the cards are locked in the compartment.

The size of the wallet is 9.5cm x 6.8cm x 1.5 cm.


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Worldwide shipping 

We ship worldwide with insurance and online tracking code.

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30 days guarantee 

30 days money back guarantee.

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Safe payment

Completely safe payment, by bank slip or credit card. Certified Process.

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